Walk This Way

It’s healthy, green and in fashion. Just how walkable is your neighbourhood? Walk Score helps people live a carfree lifestyle by measuring how walkable a place is – not just how pretty the area is for walking. The Walk Score uses data and mapping from Google Maps to provide coverage of the walkability of any address in the world. Although it only gives an approximation of walkability, Walk Score is still a useful tool to motivate people to get out and walk.

Walk Score shows amenities within walking distance – such as restaurants, shops, parks, schools or libraries – and awards points depending on the closeness of the amenity, with the most points awarded for those within 0.4 Km. Locations are scored within a range of 0 and 100: from the “Walkers’ Paradise” where most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car, to the “Car-Dependent” where there is virtually no neighbourhood destinations within walking range – the only place you can walk is from your house to your car. Perhaps it’s time to move!


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