How to organize an info stall

Follow these steps and you’ll do super!

  1. It is necessary to have a visible sign of your organization or your slogan on t-shirts as well as on your table. In case you’re arranging a petition you’ll need a bigger banner or board so people can tell what it is about.
  2. Remember that you are there to represent the whole organization and creating a positive image of it. Consider not smoking or eating when standing at your info table (and, please, do not look too bored…)
  3. Be prepared for interest from media, be ready to have your picture taken and to answer basic things if necessary. For complicated questions give the contact information to your spokesperson.
  4. You have to be able to deliever a clear message, using key words and explaining the basics of the problem at the beginning. If somebody is interested you can give more detailed information.
  5. If it’s a petition remember to check the data which people are filling in, sometimes it can happen that something is not possible to read or missing, so just ask politely for them to correct the data.
  6. Have an open and friendly behavior, sometimes it is necessary to invite people to the info table. Also if someone is attacking you, you should remember to be non violent in conversation. If somebody is shouting at you someone from the info table should lead this person away and try to calm him/her down. Don’t react if somebody is provoking!
  7. It is good to have a contact-sheet where people can give you their contact information in case they want to cooperate with you or become activists.
  8. Everybody who comes to info table should get an information leaflet.

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