Bike-Frame Billboards


Okay, this may be a gender-specific idea, but life’s like that sometimes. And just to clear this up right away, the idea is not about advertising.

Grab any “men’s” bicycle and remove anything—such as water bottles, locks or pumps—blocking the area between the upper and lower tube of the frame.

Cut out a piece of thick cardboard the same size as the interior of the frame. Paint both sides solid in a light color of water-resistant paint. Then in another colour paint slogans over it on both sides, tailored to be effective in your local campaign.

Next cut small slits near the edge of the cardboard on all sides, just big enough to run something through the slits to attach to the frame. We suggest those little plastic clasps that you can tighten but not loosen. Cut off the excess length. A heavy-duty version would be those aluminium clasps that require a screw and bolt. In any case you’ll find something.

As for slogans, try something funny, embarrassing to local officials , proactive—or all three a t once. Perhaps a “sub-vertisement”—a spoof version of a real advert. You could even paste on cut-outs from a glossy magazine of the advertisement that you’re making fun of. Be sure to water - proof them. We’ll leave the creativity up to you.


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