Naked but not Quiet

nakedCyclists from all parts of Peru met in Lima on March 14 for the World Naked Bike Ride. In total around 300 people took part in the ride – all ages, genders, some half-naked and some fully, with painted bodies and costumes – all looked different, but all were on two wheels.

Before the ride, enthusiastic cyclists undressed in the streets a few blocks from the starting line, surprised passers-by and offered their encouragement. Artists on standby painted creative messages and colourful designs onto bare bodies of the riders, attracting press keen for the first pictures.

The purpose was to ride in tranquillity, without the danger of imprudent drivers in their path. Thanks to great effort of participants and the general public helping to organise the event, the day was a great success. Police supported riders on the day, but not the municipality who didn’t want the event to interrupt car transit. Luckily, they didn’t put a stop to the naked bike ride, or even reject their message: Desnudos pero no callados, “Naked but not Quiet”.

Facing an alarming state of urban transit in Peru; this event helps promotes bicycle-use, reinvestments in public space and other alternative transportation. Nudity is a great way to protest and show the vulnerability of cyclists which have to share the roads with motorised transport – attracting media which carry the message across Peru and to other countries.

by Octavio Zegarra Lazarte

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