Futuristic Buggies

Welcome to the future! Born in Holland, the country of bicycles and tulips, this is the hottest gadget on the market for parents. The Taga, classed as a “multifunctional urban vehicle”, has been designed to suit the demands of modern parents for a healthy and green lifestyle. The enticing urban vehicle is eye candy for every parent who leads a sustainable life.

While Taga isn’t the first pedal-powered vehicle with space to load up the kiddies, this urban family bicycle is claimed to be safer, more cost-effective, more manoeuvrable and convenient, as well as more fun for riding with children than a traditional bicycle. It’s actually a little like a “transformer” that can be converted from child-carrying tricycle to stroller in 20 seconds flat, so it adds a few new levels of convenience to the way you move your offspring around. Unfortunately the only thing that seems to be missing from these “safer” bikes in the promotional photos are the safety helmets themselves!



  1. Miguel Barroso
    Posted 28 June, 2010 at 18:21 | Permalink

    Why would you need a safety helmet? Riding a Bicycle is less dangerous than riding a car… do you see any car driver wearing a helmet? riding a bicycle is less dangerous that going downstairs… do you wear a helmet for that? Stop dangerising cycling through helmet promotions!

  2. Karin Sandqvist
    Posted 30 July, 2010 at 06:08 | Permalink

    Looks nice, but where is the bagage holder? I can’t imagine going anywhere without money, extra jacket or shirt for mummy and kids, perhaps diapers, a snack. Unless I am just driving around the block for fun.

  3. el jeffe de magnifico
    Posted 27 August, 2010 at 23:56 | Permalink

    For cargo space you either have one kid or a husband that participates in your child rearing.

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