The Jailed Car


Like so many people, Orhan Turan, a citizen of Turkey, decided to buy a car that would join the impressive flow of cars in the country. Cars are often perceived as a symbol of success and freedom, and as an object supposed to make life much easier.

This is only because people, like Mr. Turan, always underestimate the problems created by such an acquisition.

Just after he bought it, the car was stolen and he had to wait more than four years before it was found in another city. During these four years, the car changed hands ten times and was finally returned broken to its unfortunate owner.

He nevertheless decided to repair the car, hoping that he would finally be able to use it. In the end he had to pay twice the price of the car to make it work again, but soon after the repairs, the car broke down again. This was too much for the owner, who finally got upset after demonstrating such patience towards this mechanical trouble maker.

He decided to punish his car and condemned it to rot in jail for nine years in his garden. His family is also prohibited to drive it. We are very curious what will happen to it after being “released”, since it is indeed rare that prison teaches anything good to its inmates…

Illustration by Marta Mancusi,

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