A New Friend of the Earth

“As part of our risk management framework, we systematically assess and manage the risks inherent in our operations, such as those arising from technical integrity failure and loss of containment of hydrocarbons and other hazardous materials, or the risks that arise to the personal safety of our workforce or members of the public. Our systems of risk management provide a response through the establishment of standards and controls.”

“Technology applied throughout our operations helps minimise the environmental impact of finding and producing energy.”

“We track our greenhouse gas emissions at a group-wide level. Other environmental aspects – such as air emissions, waste and water, and access to protected areas – are reported on locally, where the management of the issue occurs.”

“We have a record of conducting operations worldwide in a way that benefits local communities – from Indonesia to Trinidad and Angola to Azerbaijan. We will be following the same principles in Alberta, where consultation is also a matter of regulation.”


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