Munich’s First Bike Night


About 4,000 bikers took part in Munich’s first Bike Night – an approximately four kilometre long bike tour around the city centre along prominent roads and boulevards. It was the kick-off event for Munich’s ambitious bike campaign: Munich wants to become the “bike capital“ of Europe. For about two hours, the roads and the city tunnel around the city centre were blocked for cars, so only bikers – dressed up in bright colors and funny hats, with creatively decorated and brightly flashing and blinking bikes – conquered the streets of Munich’s inner circle. It was a very novel and fascinating sight, as the inner circle is usually buzzing with cars jamming the road and deafening the fearful pedestrian and biker with reckless drivers honking their horns. But this time, it was the bikers ringing their bells and blowing their whistles: the bikers were in power.

The biking campaign of the city of Munich aims to promote the use of bikes within the city and to enhance the safety of bikers. The city council has increased the financial resources available for the expansion and development of a safe biking infrastructure within the city. Further events like the streetcasting activity “Munich Biking Idol” and the Bicycle Film Festival in December 2010 want to involve the citizens of Munich actively and directly in the campaign. Biking is not only celebrated as a means of getting from A to B, but first and foremost as a modern lifestyle.

Svenja von Gierke


  1. Paul Dumais
    Posted 5 September, 2010 at 12:48 | Permalink

    Carbusters has fantastic articles, but they’re not dated. When was Munich’s First Bike Night ?

  2. Ray Hosler
    Posted 11 September, 2010 at 01:37 | Permalink

    Look in Google search for Munich night ride and there’s a dateline of Sept. 5, 2010, for this story. Maybe that’s it? I couldn’t find any other mentions.

  3. Green City
    Posted 8 February, 2011 at 09:08 | Permalink

    This took place on April 23rd, 2010 as part of the launch of the Radlhauptstadt (literally, Cycling Capital) campaign, which aims to increase the mode share for cycling in Munich from 14% in 2009 to 17% and make the city Germany’s cycling capital.

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