Weird Ways of Running a Car

© Christian Flemming -

© Christian Flemming -

Cars have proven to be a very efficient way to burn oil in a very short time while heavily polluting earth and water for its extraction, and the air by combustion. Now that oil extraction is peaking (or about to peak, according to sources), car addicts look desperately for new ways to power their iron monsters. Here are the oddest examples listed by Netcars. Absurdity still has many long days ahead with its festival of bio fuels, green motorways, eco-friendly oil spills…


If you’ve ever worked in a power station, you’ll be familiar with biomass. It’s a new way of powering turbines and it’s very much an of-the-moment fuel. For those who aren’t employed at an electric-making station, it’s basically a mix of wood chippings, sawdust and other weird bits, and if used properly, it can be utilised as a fuel for your car.
One of the most disliked materials on the planet can, despite the unlikeliness of it, be used as an additive to a biodiesel engine. Another scientist type at the University of Massachusetts has said that, if it’s mixed properly, it could be used as an additive. Don’t get too excited, though, as according to the same intelligent person, if the mixture is done wrongly, it can have catastrophic effects on emissions. This is a real no-no in today’s green environment.
Methane, aka that stuff that comes out of a cow’s rear end, is a proper environment terrorist. Despite its stinky smell, O-Zone layer destruction and environment ruining properties, methane can be made to power our cars. If your car runs on a natural gas conversion, it’s can also run off methane. Okay, so producing the stuff is a bit difficult; you need a refinery and lots of Daisies (cows). But if you’re passionate about saving money, you’ll find a way to own and run a farm.
Nappy power
If you’re American, they’re called diapers, if you’re British, they’re called nappies, but for all of us, they stink. So what do you do? How do you get rid of them in a feasible way? Land fill is an option but David Cameron would rather you didn’t. Burning them is also a good idea but who burns poo in this day and age? So, here’s the answer: you listen to a Canadian company named AMEC and put them in your petrol tank. According to the Canadians, they’ve been producing diesel from nappies since 2009 and it is a feasible form of power. Basically the fibres and plastics from the nappies are taken to a ‘let’s change you and turn you into diesel’ facility, and in just a matter of hours, you’ve got lovely diesel.
It’s one of our few pleasures, but chocolate is actually a great form of propulsion. Sure it can add pounds to your hips, but in the right hands it can put pounds in your wallet – probably. The boffins at the University of Warwick managed to design a Formula Three racing car that runs on 30 per cent biodiesel – from none other than chocolate. It seems, then, that Double Deckers (UK chocolate bar)aren’t just tasty, they’re helpful, too.
Solar paint
Paint – something you don’t necessarily associate with cars. You can paint a lovely picture of a car with some paint, but putting the stuff in your tank would probably result in a pretty but destructive failure. Don’t fret, though, as a team at Swansea University have managed to create a unique solar paint that captures energy from that big yellow thing in the sky and can, in a very boring way, subsequently power cars. Probably won’t work in Britain, though, as we get the same amount of sun as Pluto.
— This article was produced on behalf of Netcars used car search engine. We thank them for their open mindedness allowing us to publish this article from Carbusters point of view.

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