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Hey Joe Cartoon - Michael David Lipkan

Hey Joe Cartoon - Michael David Lipkan

When modern humans began creating settlements that could flourish because their people were farming the land, a remarkable growth of culture began to occur.  Before the development of farming, modern humans were hunter/gathers that spent much of their time looking for food.  Agriculture made it possible to provide so much food that methods of preserving and saving food became necessary.  This plethora of food also increased the amount of “free” time people had to pursue their own interests.  This free time led to the blossoming of the arts, music and technology.  A type of cultural renaissance was occurring because of the introduction of agriculture.

The invention of the printing press eventually led to another renaissance that is still evolving today.  The popularity of the personal computer may lead to another, even more global, renaissance.  Literacy will increase worldwide which will tend to allow more people to have more “free time” which leads to further growth of culture and technology.

We are living in the computer revolution.  Although this revolution has only been happening since the late seventies, powerful changes have been made to the way people live and think.  The internet and world wide web make it possible for people to connect to things they need in ways that save energy and resources.  The enlightenment of people made possible by much faster access to information is causing another kind of renaissance.

I believe the growth of complex, humane, very energy efficient, modern, cities, will lead to another renaissance that grows beyond human accomplishments thus far.

Further, I believe that linearizing existing cities, and joining them in a way that creates a long, thin, line, of megacity, will greatly accelerate the renaissance that follows the computer caused awakening.

Long, thin, densely populated megacities will need more effective and efficient forms of transit than the automobile.  Mag-Lev trains, buses, gravity ramps, elevators, and bicycles, working along well integrated paths, will make transit in the future megacities affordable, fast, and efficient.  This improves the synergism of the city which leads to a global renaissance.

—  Michael David Lipkan — Linear City Concepts

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