BIKE ART: Bicycles in Art Around the World


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The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transportation around the world. It gives us the possibility to be as free as we want to be. We use it for transportation, sports, and fun. The equipment can vary from cheap to expensive, from athletic to comfortable; for each need you can find a bicycle that meets your expectations.

Within the last years, more and more people have been addicted to bicycling. Some because they want to move along eco-friendly, others because they rediscovered the fun and action one experiences while riding stunning trails or tricky fun parks challenging ones fitness and competing with other riders. Or justbbecause it is the most flexible vehicle in car-crowded cities. For those people the bicycle is not just a means of transportation. It represents their way of life and their individuality. This deep relation inspired a lot of them to express their passion in artworks dealing with bikes or using the bicycle itself as canvas or as a source of inspiration to reinvent the bike.

With “BIKE ART – bicycles in art around the world”, author Kiriakos Iosifidis welcomes you to a panorama of all kinds of works that are inspired by the bicycle. It is a collection of colourful bicycle graffiti, paintings, remarkable bicycle designs, complex constructions, and various types of bicycles one can find on the streets around the world. More than 250 international artists, illustrators, painters, sculptors, industrial designers, photographers, and organizations present their works of art and give us insight into their personal views and relations to these charming two-wheeled vehicles.

Author Kiriakos Iosifidis is organizer of the Greek “Carpe Diem” mural-team and author of the “MURAL ART” book series. This time he managed to unite artists and people of different disciplines who all share one passion: bikes! BIKE ART is an effort to support the bicycle as a means of transportation, a statement of sustainability, as well as to celebrate it as a lifestyle that exists throughout society and across borders.

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Bicycles in art around the world

Hard cover, 256 pages, 21cm x 30cm,

ISBN: 978-3-939566-37-3 /


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