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Design & Innovation

Isometric Bike Drawing

A French collaborative bike mechanics workshop, called “Velorution Ile de France) has created a high-quality isometric biked drawing. The image above is only a portion of what is available. The image is free to reproduce and modify. Illustrations are not captioned, they can be described in any language. Commercial use is prohibited. Find drawing here. […]

Skill Sharing

You Too Can Organize a Street Party

Traditional street party celebrations were once regular occurrences in Britain’s towns and cities. They have all but died out; another casualty of the motor car.

Skill Sharing

Lobbying Your City Council

Whether you agree with lobbying, your local government is not going to disappear in a hurry. Here are the experiences of some activists who have tried to influence their local council’s transport agenda.

Skill Sharing

Make Your Own Bike Lanes

If your city council completely ignores your justified claims as cyclists, there’s no point waiting around for the reign of the car to end. Get the message across: you’re going to be able to travel around town right now without creating pollution and without running the risk of getting crushed in the middle of your […]

Skill Sharing

Make your own CAR

Construct one of the most ecologically sound cars in the world!

Skill Sharing

Bike-Frame Billboards

Okay, this may be a gender-specific idea, but life’s like that sometimes. And just to clear this up right away, the idea is not about advertising. Grab any “men’s” bicycle and remove anything—such as water bottles, locks or pumps—blocking the area between the upper and lower tube of the frame. Cut out a piece of […]

Skill Sharing

The Long Arm of the Lawless

If you want to write on a billboard that’s too high to reach, you can either get a ladder (which isn’t particularly convenient) or build a spray can extension rod

Skill Sharing

How to handle them. Journalists Who Come to Your Action

The whole media exploitation process is about news management, and this is just as much the case once journalists get to the action as when you’re trying to attract them. You’ve got to give the best possible account of what you’re doing and the clearest possible explanation of why.

Skill Sharing

Make Your Own Handcart/Bike Trailer

This is a lightweight handcart that can also be used as a bicycle trailer. The design shown is fabricated from steel sections that are generally available at comparatively low cost, angle section for the base frame and reinforcing bar for the upper frame. Most of the load will be carried by the central cross-member of […]

Skill Sharing

Giant Puppets in the Likeness of Specific People

The Art and Revolution street theatre collective has used this simple quick technique to make easily recognisable giant puppets of famous—or infamous—public figures: President Clinton, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown or, on the positive side, Nigerian environmental leader Ken Saro Wiwa and former Irish political prisoner Roisin McAliskey.