True Tale of a Vampire Driver

In Romania, a driver jumped out from his car and bit a pedestrian. Yes, bit! You may think he was a descendant of some famous lineage of vampires, but no, we wouldn’t make fun of such stereotypes – he bit his victim on the stomach. Besides, it was not to taste the blood of his victim, but only because the pedestrian did not cross the road fast enough. The victim, Mihai Nicoara, told police that the furious motorist leapt from his car and sunk his teeth into his belly at a crossing in Iasi. “He shouted at me and then grabbed me by the belly with his teeth. Now I have a pretty nasty wound,” said Nicoara. The driver was charged with assault and Nicoara promised himself to hurry up the next time he crosses the road. “I didn’t ever think I was slow at crossing the road. But drivers often beep their horns at me and I just thought they were being friendly,” he said. We can thank this slow pedestrian for his positive look at life, and keep in mind to be wary of crazy drivers, some of whom even bite – and it’s not a myth!

Illustration by Marta Mancusi

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