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LivableStreets Alliance – Rethinking Urban Transportation in Boston

It wasn’t long ago that Boston was labelled the worst city for bicycling in the United States. This was during a time that Boston’s advocacy groups fought separately, with limited success, to improve conditions for their individual modes: walking, cycling, handicap access, transit, trains, and cars. Boston-area advocates for transportation, public health, city planning, smart […]

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Green Action: Friends of the Earth Croatia

Zagreb-based Green Action, Croatia’s largest environmental NGO, celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 22. On the same day, its activists, along with those of the Right to the City (Pravo na grad) initiative, temporarily occupied part of Zagreb’s pedestrian zone, due to be turned into an entrance ramp for an underground car park, for several […]

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The Bicycling Empowerment Network

Cape Town, and indeed South Africa, has first and third world communities living alongside one another. As a result of almost 50 years of legislated apartheid – during which time entire communities were removed from healthy, clean and socially integrated areas to racially separated, remote and dusty “townships” – access to opportunities was forcefully removed […]

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Auto*Mat and Images from Prague

In Czech, the word Automat means a machine, maybe even an automobile.

If, however, you split it in two halves, and write it like “Auto*Mat”, it actually means “Check-mate for automobiles”.