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Carfree Place

Walking The New Broadway

In the Spring of 1904, the world’s first electrified advertisement appeared on a bank in New York at the corner of Broadway and 46th Street, in what was soon to be called Times Square. In many ways, this event anticipated the beginnings of the modern hyper-commercialized city. Roughly one hundred years later, the pedestrianization of […]

Carfree Place

Vauban: Solar-powered instead of Fossil-fueled

The small community of Vauban, on the outskirts of the South-Eastern German town Freiburg is a good example of how citizen participation can play a vital part in a city’s effort to reduce its ecological footprint. With the aid of car-sharing programmes, parking policies and good bike and public transport infrastructure the city of Freiburg […]

Carfree Place

Fazilka: Come Without Your Car

Fazilka is a small, 162 year old town on the India-Pakistan border. Its unkempt, garbage-strewn congested streets with small, bustling shops are nothing out of the ordinary. But this town of about 68,000 people – and about 45,000 vehicles on its narrow lanes – has removed one source of congestion: cars. On November 21, 2008, […]

Carfree Place

San Luis Potosi: Paving the way for Carfree Conversions in Mexico

San Luis Potosi (SLP) is the capital city of the homonymous state located in the central-northern part of Mexico. The city, founded in 1592, was originally composed of seven districts (barrios in Spanish) each with their own churches and gardens. In the past the city was known as the “Gardens City” because of its many green and beautiful areas.